This site grows out of work I did at SCB in the late 1990s to get the American Club on the Web, and then became part of an effort in 2001-02 to (1) find a new job, (2) teach myself HTML and CSS, and (3) provide an alternative to costly sources of information on marine insurance. These days (2021) it doesn't get much attention, but is still updated when I have time.

The site is maintained with BlueGriffon version 3.1 ("Niflheim"). Many thanks to, among many others, Daniel Glazman, the Mozilla francophone community, Fabian Casenave (for Kompozer), and Peter Weilbacher, who was compiling the beta releases of Nvu for OS/2 and eComStation when this site was new. 

I try to comply with web standards, including XHTML for structure and CSS for all style information. I hope the site is accessible to everyone. 

People who helped or encouraged me to put something on the Web (whether they know it or not) and deserve thanks include Dr. Dirk Terrell, the members of the Phoenix OS/2 Society, Inc., O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., the authors of several O'Reilly books on HTML, CSS and Apache, Computer Book Works, Inc., Lars Gustafson, Martin Recchuite, and George Brown.

The current look of the site owes a great deal to the assistance and evangelism of Jeffrey Zeldman and Eric Meyer, standards gurus whose approach to the Web I heartily endorse (even if I have not really kept up with their recent work).

The very readable font used on some of the pages is Nobile from Vernon Adams, one of the designers working with the Google font directory.

Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

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