International Group of P&I Associations
The 1998 Pooling Agreement (Excerpts)



Clauses 1-30

Appendix I (Eligible Persons)

Category 1

Any owner, owner in partnership, owner holding separate shares in severalty, part owner, trustee or bareboat charterer or demise charterer of any Insured Vessel, any manager or operator having control of the operation and employment of an Insured Vessel (being such control as is customarily exercised by a shipowner), and any other person in possession and control of any Insured Vessel, provided that no person falling within category 2 below is insured under the same Entry.

Category 2


A charterer of an Insured Vessel, provided that there are no other persons falling within categories 1 or 2 insured under the same Entry.


A charterer of part of an Insured Vessel, provided that: -

either -

in the determination of the relevant Association, that person charters part of the Insured Vessel for the purposes of a regular liner service provided by him; or

in addition to his Entry with Association (or with a Reinsured Club which is reinsured with that Association) as a charterer of part of that Insured Vessel, that person or an affiliated or associated person has a separate Entry with that Association or Reinsured Club or with another Association or Reinsured Club in respect of which he is insured as a person falling within either category 1 or category 2(A) above; and


there are no other persons falling within category 1 or category 2 insured under the same entry.

Category 3

An insurer of protection and indemnity risks which has directly reinsured such risks with an Association, and which has satisfied the requirements of Appendix X.

Category 4

The following categories of co-assured, provided that
any such person is co-assured under an Entry with an Association; and
any such person is co-assured with an Insured Owner falling within categories 1 or 2 above; and
a Rule in or substantially in the following form has been adopted by the Association with which such co-assured has an Entry: -






Appendix II (Eligible Vessels)

Appendix III (Limitations)

Appendix IV (Excluded Risks)

War risks

Nuclear risks

Blockade running, etc.

Limited liability

Oil Pollution risks

Appendix V (Excluded Losses)

Appendices VI-XI

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